Torsion™ Protective Chip is designed to eliminate the biologically harmful effects of electromagnetic field exposure (EMF). It accomplishes this magical task by changing the structure of the electromagnetic field of your cell phone to more closely resemble your bio-field.

Torsion™ is a global inventor, manufacturer, supplier and distributor of protective devices, against the whole spectrum of life threatening non ionizing radiation, by-product of mobile phones, telecommunication base stations, computers, microwaves and televisions.

Here’s some of the benefits you will experience upon installing the TORSION™ Chip:

  • Decreases Cell Phone Signal Interference
  • Clearer calls, with less noise.
  • Your Phone Will Produce Less Heat
  • Less “Hot Ear” on long calls and your battery will last slightly longer.
  • Decreases Chaotic Energy Emitted From Cell Phone.
  • Less headaches and fatigue
  • Peace of Mind for You and Your Family
  • Torsion™ Chip is highly recommended for adults and children
  • Torsion™ Chip does not interfere with transmission or reception
  • Torsion™ Field Chip is an easy to apply adhesive sticker
This small electronical chip will fit right inside the battery compartment of your phone regardless of the make or model).
The protection chip can be easily mounted under the battery cover of the mobile phone (over your cellphones battery), face up.

On models with a non-removable or absent cover, you can attach the chip to the back of the mobile phone by removing the protective film from the chip


Step-by-Step Installation

Step 1: Open your mobile phone to reveal the BACK of the battery

Step 2: Clean the BACK of the battery with damp cotton, then dry

Step 3: Carefully peel back the white paper of the Torsion™ Chip sticker

Step 4: Slowly lower Torsion™ Chip Sticker onto the back of the battery with the picture facing up

Step 5: Smooth the Torsion™ Chip using your fingers by rubbing it up and down side to side against the BACK of your mobile battery DO NOT

  • Do not bend Torsion™ Chip
  • Do not apply Torsion™ Chip face down
  • Do not remove Torsion Chip™ after installation
  • Do not install Torsion Chip™ under the battery
  • Do not remove Torsion Chip™ to apply onto another battery
  • Do not use ammonia based products to clean the back of batter

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Blocking up to 99% of cell phone Radiation

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